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Russia Launches Drills of Nuke Forces  03/29 06:07


   MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian military conducted drills of its strategic 
missile forces Wednesday, deploying mobile launchers in Siberia in a show of 
the country's massive nuclear capability amid the fighting in Ukraine.

   As part of the drills, the Yars mobile missile launchers will maneuver 
across three regions of Siberia, Russia's Defense Ministry said. The movements 
will involve measures to conceal the deployment from foreign satellites and 
other intelligence assets, the ministry said.

   The Defense Ministry didn't say how long the drills would last or mention 
plans for any practice launches. The Yars is a nuclear-tipped intercontinental 
ballistic missile with a range of about 11,000 kilometers (over 6,800 miles). 
It forms the backbone of Russia's strategic missile forces.

   The Defense Ministry released a video showing massive trucks carrying the 
missiles driving out from a base to go on patrol. The maneuvers involve about 
300 vehicles and 3,000 troops in eastern Siberia, according to the ministry.

   The massive exercise took place days after Russian President Vladimir Putin 
announced a plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, Russia's 
neighbor and ally.

   Tactical nuclear weapons are intended for use on the battlefield and have a 
relatively short range and a much lower yield compared to the long-range 
strategic missiles fitted with nuclear warheads that are capable of 
obliterating whole cities.

   Putin's decision to put the tactical weapons in Belarus followed his 
repeated warnings that Moscow was ready to use "all available means" -- a 
reference to its nuclear arsenal -- to fend off attacks on Russian territory.

   Russian officials have issued a barrage of hawkish statements since their 
troops entered Ukraine, warning that the continuing Western support for Ukraine 
raised the threat of a nuclear conflict.

   In remarks published Tuesday, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of Russia's 
Security Council, which Putin chairs, warned the United States and its allies 
against harboring hopes for Russia's defeat in Ukraine.

   Patrushev alleged that some American politicians believe the U.S. could 
launch a preventative missile strike on Russia to which Moscow would be unable 
to respond, a purported belief that he described as "short-sighted stupidity, 
which is very dangerous."

   "Russia is patient and isn't trying to scare anyone with its military 
superiority, but it has unique modern weapons capable of destroying any 
adversary, including the United States, in case of a threat to its existence," 
Patrushev said.

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